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Search Engine Top 20 Ranking Submission Secrets - Page 2

Your site is running. Your SQL database and javascripts are working. Your products are in stock. Why aren't the orders coming in? Why aren't you rich? Did you submit your site to the search engines? You did? Uh oh.

If you did it yourself, your site is probably ranked in the top (or bottom) 100,000. Since most web surfers stop looking after the first 3 pages (30 sites), no one has seen your masterful site and can't purchase your products.

The 19 major search engine sites are interlinked. Some of these engines require that you pay them money. You could spend $300 on them with no guarantee that someone will see your site.

There are hundreds of smaller search engines, but they don't always transfer their data to the larger ones. Some of them are targeted to smaller audiences. In any case, you can waste a great deal of money (and generate a ton of junk e-mail) submitting to or paying to submit to these search engines.

Then you need to get your keywords optimized, so your site stands out from the rest. These two features, search engine submission and keyword optimization can cost you over $1000.

Do you have an additional $1000 to spend on your site? Probably not. That's why we are here to help.

For only $50, we will tell you exactly how we got our site listed, and got a #1 ranking, a top 10 ranking, and a top 20 ranking in 30 days without spending a dime.

$50 is less than you would spend on any of the search engine submission sites just to get listed.

We will tell you:

  • Which engines to submit to and how.

  • How to optimize the keywords.

  • The little-known secret we stumbled upon that will move your pages from the back to the front.

So…..do you want be ranked in the top 100,000 sites or the top 20?

I want to stay on the bottom I want to move up

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