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 Internet Starter Kit

You keep getting blasted with e-mails for how to make money on the Internet.  You want to get started.  You found out, painfully, how much a site costs to build.  You don't have $1,000 to spend.  You don't have 6 months of time to waste learning the applications.

We present the Internet Starter Kit.  This CD-ROM contains all of the tools you need to build a quality website without spending thousands of dollars.

Are you are tired of surfing the net for free applications, or free fonts, or free images? We include them!!!.  Here is a partial list (because we threw in some bonus software) of the applications in the kit:

HotDog HTML Editor

An HTML tutorial e-book (Open this book alongside HotDog)

PaintShop Pro Graphics Editor

Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Trial Version

Swish (Low-cost Flash movie creator)

Ebook Creator (to create your own e-books for sale)

Sample Website Templates

When you combine the Internet Starter Kit with the e-books in our library, be ready for your site to soar! 

The Internet Starter Kit sells for only $9.95 + 4.95 Shipping and Handling.

We offer multiple payment options for your convenience...


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If you act before January 1, 2004, I will give you a copy of my e-book "How I got top 10 rankings without Spending a Dime (a $50 dollar value)" for FREE!!

Money-back guarantee:  Buy the disk.  Try it for 30 days.  If you are not satisfied, simply return it to me for a full refund*.  The Top 10 rankings e-books is your to keep!

Disclaimer:  We cannot make any guaranteed income claims. There are too many variables to make income claims like products, product price, ad copy, website design, etc. We are not responsible for any complaints you may receive using the techniques found in these ebooks.

* less shipping and handling.

Look for our self-help section, coming soon!