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From the Author:

I'll Show You How To Get ANY Website To The Top Of The Search Engines For ANY Keyword...
And Before We Even Start
I'll Prove It With My Own Results!

Go Take a look at what I've done for my own website! But before you check them out...promise yourself that if they check out..you will take the action necessary to get the same results for your own website!

Web Site
Search Engine Position for
term=car wax
Note - I do not pay a dime for any of these rankings. In other words, they are not "sponsored" listings. Yahoo #1
Google #1
Aol #1
Altavista #1
Netscape #2
MSN #4

The chart above shows the search engine rankings for my own site - 5 STAR SHINE. Go to Google right now and type in "car wax" and see my site http://www.5starshine.com/ in the #1 spot! Okay, so now that you've seen the success that I'm having on the Internet, all you need to do is learn this stuff so you can do exactly the same thing for your website! It's actually pretty simple.

Having A Business On the Web Is Just Like Writing Your Own Personal Action Adventure...And You Can Make It Come Out Anyway You Want!

More than anything now, my job has evolved into teaching. I teach through my newsletter, my book and audio CD, through personal consultation and sometimes as a guest speaker at other people's seminars.

And you know, every time I meet people involved with the Internet, I think a bit on how some people I interact with are going to take the info I give them and go forth and make millions. And others, well, those others are going to remain losers no matter what I or anybody else ever teaches them. What is the difference between the winners and the losers? Is it intelligence, breeding, "connections", education..what?

I'll tell you something: This website is going to make a lot of people reading it uncomfortable. Why? Simply because I know the difference between the winners and losers on the Net and, on this page, I'm going to give you an extraordinarily simple set of instructions and, if you do what I say, your chances of becoming extremely prosperous on the Internet are going to be magnified by a factor of at least 1,000!

But most of you are not going to follow these simple instructions. I know that from my past experience. And I even know the five main reasons that most of you would give me for not following my proven plan for success on the Internet. These are the same dumb excuses that I've heard over and over again. Here they are

Dumb Excuse #1
"I'm not sure I want to invest any money in my internet business right now."

Yes, it's sad to say but I hear this one from time to time. Let me be very frank with you. If you've already checked out my own search rankings and still don't fully understand just how valuable this knowledge is to you, then you have some more learning to do! Come back when you're ready to take your business to the next level!

Dumb Excuse #2
"I don't have enough time to promote my website."

The time investment needed to see results is about 90 days. Yep, just 90 days of working a few hours each day is going to give you about a 1,000 times better shot at MEGA-prosperity in your Internet business. If you can follow simple directions, then you will do very well following my plan.

Now here are the three dumb excuses that really piss me the most. They make my blood boil. They infuriate me! And these excuses are only given by people who have no understanding whatsoever of what it is takes to achieve success in anything. They just haven't figured it out yet.

Dumb Excuse #3
"I'm going to wait to get your book until...(insert favorite excuse here).

These people are just procrastinators plain and simple. They will think of every excuse in the world why they just can't make a decision and get started right away. I get emails from these people all the time telling me that they intend to get my book just as soon as Jupiter lines up with Saturn or some other nonsense. These people procrastinate taking the action needed for success because they are just lazy. They aren't willing to pay the price for success so they never achieve it. If a person isn't willing to take action after seeing the PROOF that my techniques work then I just can't help them either because they just don't get it.

Dumb Excuse #4
"I've seen your results for your own website and you are certainly #1 for your term, but I sell "lingerie" and that's a totally different product. Your methods probably won't work for me."

This people are the worst, because they've done the research and they've seen me at number one, but they still think that somehow it will only work for "car wax" or something! I usually get smart with these people and tell them. Yep, my techniques only work for "car wax". In fact, it's all a big scam. I got my website to #1 for "car wax" just so I could sell suckers this information...Arrrgh! My techniques will work for ANY website. In fact, I've never seen it fail to work yet!

Dumb Excuse #5
"My webmaster says that you don't know what you're talking about. He told me that he's promoting my site to 7,000 different search engines and soon I'll soon be getting lots of visitors and sales!"

If your webmaster told you something like this...then they are one of the scumbags I was talking about earlier. These are the people that just take money and provide worthless services that don't do ANYTHING for you. The worst part is that they KNOW they don't work, but they take your money anyway! I want to strangle these people! First, most webmasters don't know how to successfully market websites. If they did, then their website would be number one on Google for "website marketing" instead of mine! Yep, go check it out, I'm number one on Google for "website marketing" which is one of the most competitive phrases on the Internet. I certainly don't claim to be an expert but the funny part is, I don't even promote this website anymore because my other website, 5 Star Shine makes me more money. Secondly, many webmasters see me as a threat to them even though I'm really not. Right now you are probably paying this webmaster to take care of promoting your website (which is a BIG mistake) so of course they want you to continue to pay them whether what they do works or not! Think about it! If your webmaster was REALLY any good at marketing your website, why aren't you already at the top of the search engines for your most important keywords? The really insecure webmasters will even stoop to discouraging you from actually learning the truth about internet marketing because they just want to drain your wallet and keep you stupid. I love getting arrogant webmasters on the phone because they all go really quiet when I ask these brainiacs where their own website are on the search engines! By the way, never pay anyone to submit your website to the search engines...it's a waste of time and money!

The Difference Between Winners And Losers

Winners make decisions and take ACTION when they see an opportunity. They also follow the examples of other successful people because it's more effecient that learning the hard way. Winners don't make excuses and they never procrastinate. Losers will study a problem endlessly to make sure they don't do anything "rash". I've just shown you my own success as proof that I know what I'm talking about. You can either decide to leave my website without learning this stuff or you can...
Go Do What I Teach And Have A Chance At Getting Rich!

Your first step is to get a copy of my book "Gorilla Website Marketing", at the bottom of this page. If you get the Ebook version it will cost you a whopping $14.95 and it can literally make you millions. Get the Deluxe version if you can afford it because it comes with two audio CD's of one of my telephone seminars. If that's too much to invest in the success of your business then you should just close it up! I've used this knowledge to bring in over $600,000 this year with my internet businesses. If I would have had to pay $14.95 for it, it would have paid me back about 15,018 times more than my investment just this year! Try doing that in the stock market! And 2004 is going to be even better! When you get my course, you also get me as your personal advisor. As I discover new things, I'll email you updates so you'll always be kept inform of the latest things I'm doing.

I look forward to teaching you soon!

Wishing You Success,


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