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fat free pork rinds


Just in time for the Holidays!

We accidentally discovered how to remove the fat from pork rinds. While we are awaiting our U.S. patent, we decided to market the results of our discovery. We proudly present:

J.J. Gunner’s Fat-Free Pork Rinds

J.J. Gunner’s Fat-Free Pork Rinds are: 2 random women scanned from spam e-mail

  • Fat Free

  • Wheat Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Sugar Free

  • Sodium Free

  • Low Calorie
  • And they’re kosher, too! 1

    Look what our customers are saying:



“I can’t get enough of J.J. Gunner’s Fat-Free Pork Rinds! They’re cooked to perfection! It’s like you were eating air…." - Hu Shiu Mama

“If they ever sell the secret of how they remove the fat from pork rinds, they’ll be millionaires…” -Buster Mark

“3 flavors aren’t enough! I want more flavors! How about a smoked salmon or chicken flavor? -Claude Balls

What are you waiting for? Get your fat-free pork rinds today and eat your way to a slimmer you!


1Claim not verified or substantiated by Organized Kashruth Kosher Certification. According to Jewish dietary laws (and the Bible), neither pork nor its by-products can EVER be considered kosher.


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