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Disclaimer 1: The following side effects are known to occur as a result of eating  J.J. Gunnerís Fat-Free Pork Rinds: Hunger pains, rapid weight loss, and mood swings.  You should consult a physician before consuming any fat-free products or dietary supplements.

Disclaimer 2:  J.J. Gunnerís Fat-Free Pork Rinds have not been approved by the FDA, FTC, FCC, AMA, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or Pritikin.  In fact, the use of their names here does not imply that we know them or work with them (we donít).

Disclaimer 3:  J.J. Gunnerís Fat-Free Pork Rinds are sold as a novelty item only.  Think about it:  Fat Free Pork Rinds?  It doesnít exist.  Itís like buying dehydrated water.  You buy these products with the full knowledge that you are buying air (literally).  We are not responsible if you fill the bag with say, dried dog droppings or packing peanuts, and give it to a friend (who wonít be one much longer).

Disclaimer 4:  J.J. Gunnerís Fat-Free Pork Rinds have absolutely no nutritional value.  None.  End of story.


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